5" Pinon Pine Smudge Stick

5" Pinon Pine Smudge Stick

This  5" Pinon Pine smudge stick is believed to banish all negative influences, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It can assist you with releasing trauma, negative energy, anger, and heartache.


Pinon's smoke has been used in ceremony, rituals, and healing practices; typically those calling on the vibration of purification, cleansing, protection, renewal/new beginnings, fertility, abundance, and mental clarity.



Remember, the safe way to smudge is to hold the smudge stick upside down, light it from underneath, and then blow out the flame – so it’s smoking, but no longer lit. Place the smudge stick in a bowl to catch any ash. 


You will receive one (1) smudge stick approximately 5" in length.

  • Smudging Instructions


    • If you are using the sage for spiritual purposes, set an intention for what you are doing. For example, you might say "I release controlling energy. I welcome unconditional love. I release fear. I welcome healthy relationships."
    • Leave a smoking smudge stick at the top of your mat during yoga. Or on your alter during meditation.
    • Cleanse yourself or someone else by lighting your smudge stick, standing with your legs and arms spreads apart and tracing the smoke around your head and limbs.
    • Purify a room in your house by walking with a smoking smudge stick around to each corner and wafting the smoke everywhere with your hands. 
    • Purifying an object (like a card deck or crystal) by holding it above the smoke.
    • Place a smoking smudge stick on your bedside table as you read or rest in bed to facilitate a peaceful sleep.