Trauma, Who Dis?

I thank God every 2 weeks (sometimes weekly) after my therapy sessions for leading me to a trauma informed therapist. I had no idea what trauma was until my therapist introduced me to the concept.

Unpacking my trauma led to the unleashing of my spiritual gifts. (We all have them btw)

Just one☝🏾example...It blew my mind when I wrapped my head around the concept of my anxiety issues stemming from the nervousness my mama carried while I was in the womb.🤰🏾 It actually came to me in a vision 🔮 and I asked my therapist about it. She told me it's definitely a thing and I said "tell me more"

She went to explain it in a way I could understand.

Then I asked my mama was she nervous while she was pregnant and you guessed it....She was a nervous wreck the WHOLE pregnancy and leading up to my actual birth. 🤯 The nervousness came from the stillborn birth of my older brother Darrius Lee Thompson.

Now, when it came to my younger sister my mama had no worries at all and it shows.🤣 Her ass is fearLESS YOU👏🏾HEAR 👏🏾ME👏🏾?!?!

On top of therapy I stumbled upon mindfulness. I began to practice it before I actually knew there was a term for it. It started with meditation and yoga for me, but there are many many forms of mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness allows me to be present in my mind and body. Knowing what my triggers are and how my body responds gives me the ability to get in my Self-C.A.R.E. toolkit and regulate my thoughts and emotions. I often retrace my steps to figure out what led up to me feeling the way that I do. Once I figure it out I use the appropriate tools to release the emotional attachment so I can continue growing and glowing.🌡️🌬️✍🏾🧘🏾‍♀️

The rewarding feeling I have when I overcome those moments that had the potential to be detrimental is what I call the MAGIC in your transformation.🎩🦋🌈

Again, this is just one example why I will ALWAYS be pro Therapy, Mindfulness, and all things Metaphysics. And it's also why my mission is to provide emotional support to those impacted by trauma. Whether it be via Pretty Wing Magic's products and services, or through the Non-Profit Love and Light Global Inc.

Self-healing is one of my superpowers and it can be yours too if you are willing to put in the work.🙏🏾🥰

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