I Know Where I Come From

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

My mama worked in a potato field for my diapers at the age of 23. My daddy stole for my baby clothes. I was birthed from the trauma of my Ancestors. Why would it seem like a daily fight to stray away from the survival mindset of my bloodline.? Why would I doubt myself and think this is as good as it gets? Why wouldn't I think that prosperity has already been given to me? Because these are the beliefs of my lower self. These are the beliefs of my ego. These are not the beliefs of my true self. These are not the beliefs of the God that I am. The God that flows through the blood in my veins.

Prior to my awakening I operated from the energy of my Ancestors' wounds. My ego self was doing what egos do. It keeps you safe. Well that's what it believes it's doing. In all actuality it's keeping you from connecting with your true self. It keeps you disconnected from the understanding that we are ONE with the Universe and prosperity is our birthright.

Now that I'm working on a growth mindset, I can move past the smoke and mirrors that my Ancestors couldn't. Knowing they are guiding and protecting me. Knowing they are cheering me on. Knowing they are healing with me. This knowing gives my unborn child, business, or anything that I create the opportunity to grow from an energy of Christ Consciousness. The energy of prosperity, peace, love, compassion, empowerment, and the light within me.

So I say, because I know where I come from... I know where I'm going.🕉️ 6/14/20 ~Tracy L. Thompson🎩🦋🌈httpsttps://youtu.be/H-2He8cNHdw

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