The Rebirth

Updated: Apr 6

Whew Chile!! Cancer Season has been a dooooozy!🤪I am a Cancer Moon and Rising. And I've been given a big spiritual ass whooping.

I thought I was losing my mind.🤯 It caused me to do an ego check, mental check, wellness check, and any other check that required me to look at myself. ✔️

Thankfully I continued to fight👊🏾and finally was able to catch my breath.🌬️I want to share the perspective that brought peace and understanding to the whole situation.

First off everything you're feeling is normal.

You are going through a season of rebirth. Think of it as a first time pregnancy.🤰🏾 You are experiencing a lot of changes in your body all at once. You see things differently. EVERYTHING is different. You might wonder if this is how pregnancy is supposed to feel.🤔

Well yes, it's uncomfortable. It's scary. But it's also a beautiful thing. The beauty is hard to see when your body has changed and all you see in the mirror are swollen feet and a big belly. You are over the pregnancy and ready for your beautiful healthy baby.👼🏾

Sometimes it takes for someone to walk up to you and say how beautiful you are as a pregnant woman before the thought even crosses your mind.🦋

This is probably a good time to put those feet in those hospital stirrups👣 and push this baby out.

Breathe through these labor pains, knowing you are supported. You are strong. You are loved. You will feel like giving up, but don't. Take a break to breathe and recenter your focus.🧘🏾‍♀️And begin to push again.💪🏾

Hold the hands of those in your delivery room for strength. I promise you will get through this and be so proud of yourself for not giving up.🤱🏾🥳

If it's not time to push, sit back and nuture your womb. Reflect on the miracle you're creating. Speak life into your unborn child.🗣️Put some headphones on your belly and play some music.🎧Start a pregnancy journal.✍🏾 Whatever you choose to do, know that you are not doing it alone.🙏🏾

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