F*** You I Got This

Updated: Apr 1

2020 is definitely 100% DAT B****!

My biggest lesson was learning what it means and looks like to take my power back.💪🏾

What does taking your power back look like to you?🤔

Like everyone else I just knew 2020 was going to be my year.🥳 I knew I was going to be making major moves. I had plans to have my online course completed. I had plans to have my coaching business streamlined.👩🏾‍💻 I had plans to release this journal I've been sitting on.📝 I told myself I was done healing my trauma.⚕️

I hear people say 2020 derailed their goals. "It was the worse year ever." "I hate it here" and so on. Hearing that low-key makes me a little sad. It saddens me because those people aren't able to see the magic that was made ALL 2020. Yes, we experienced a lot of death (rest in love granny), but on the same hand we experienced a lot of rebirth too.☯️

I personally went through a couple of rebirths. It was like as soon as I thought I caught my footing the rug was pulled from under me and I had to pick myself up off the floor AGAIN.🤕 Sometimes I was bloody and bruised while other times it was nothing but a minor scrape.🩹

Consistent with each fall, I found a little more fight in me.🥊 My voice became louder.🗣️ My vibration became higher.🌀 My vision became clearer.👀 My foundation became stronger.🧘🏾‍♀️

The only way I continued to get up was by saying "f*** you, I got this" to the voice who tried to convince me to stay down. You know...That hater b**** that doesn't want to see you doing good without them.🙄 That narcissistic boyfriend that wants to control your every move.😒 That soulless being that preys on the weak.🤬 That energy vampire that feeds off another person's downfall.🧿 Those naysayers that don't believe in you yada yada yada.🥱

As that voice continued to have it's foot on my neck I continued to affirm "f*** you I got this". The pressure got heavier and at one point all I could say was "da fuq?!?!" I was so confused.😕 I just knew that voice had me f***ed up. That voice had no idea who I truly was and I couldn't understand why it didn't see me as the power house I had envisioned myself being.👁️

After much reflection (thanks to 2020) I truly believe it was because I didn't show it. To be honest when we first met I was already bruised and bloody. He (the voice is a "he" in my head 🤷🏾‍♀️) saw me at my weakest point. He hadn't seen my fight before. He hadn't seen the previous obstacles I had overcome.

The voice had underestimated my gangster. I had underestimated my gangster by even entertaining the voice in the first place. I forgot about my own strength. I forgot that I could get up and stand on my own. I forgot my Ancestors are running through my veins.💉

Once I was reminded of who I am, I again said "da fuq?!" Meaning I'm not listening to this voice anymore!🙉 F*** you I got this!

Remember,☝🏾the voice represents the hater b****, ✔️ the narcissistic boyfriend,✔️ the soulless being,✔️ the energy vampire,✔️ the naysayers that don't believe in you, etc.

As 2020 comes to an end I realize it actually WAS my year. It was the year I thought I was going to have to commit myself because I couldn't recognize who I had become. It was the year I remembered who DA FUQ I am! It was the year I took back my power and told that voice F*** YOU I GOT THIS! It was the year I birthed Pretty Wing Magic!🦋🎩 It was the year I made new goals and crushed them. It was the year I met my father in person for the 1st time. It was the year I saw my sister become financially free.💰 It was the year my mama got to see both of her children find their passion.🥰 And to add icing on the cake.... An hour after writing this I found out I have another sister!🤯

Like I said 2020 is 100% DAT B**** PERIODT!

If you need help taking your power back you can purchase your very own "Da Fuq" Herbal Infused Reiki Intention candle.🕯️It's made energetically with the intention to help women who need and want to stand on their own. The herbal properties used will help bring in self-love and f*** you I got this energy. You'll be saying boy bye

to the lower vibrational energy around you in no time...If you do your part of course.😉

If you need help with something else book a consultation and we'll talk about it, gain some clarity, and get ready for your next step.

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