Chapter 39: A New Reality

Updated: Apr 6

As I sit here on my new sofa, I realize I received the best birthday present from the universe....The gift of reflection.💭 I'm able to reflect on how my body responds to trauma.🧍🏾‍♀️ I'm able to reflect on how my mind responds to trauma.🧠 I'm able to reflect on how my spirit responds to trauma.💫 After my latest Rebirth I experienced a Da Fuq moment. I experienced my previous blog posts in real time these last couple of weeks.🤪 I could probably write a book about it.🤔 I was able to acknowledge in real time what was happening in my body, mind, and spirit. I questioned it often, but couldn't put my finger on it...Until now💡

This weekend is tied to my darkest night of the soul. It's tied to what brought me to spirituality... Narcissistic behavior But this time it wasn't just from others, it was from myself as well. These last 2 weeks I've been telling my story different. The triggers hit different. They hit with love and gratitude vs. broken bitterness. They hit with abundance. They hit with gifts. They hit with laughs. They hit with gourmet food. They hit with supernatural experiences.🦋🎩 They hit this way because I was able to change my story. I was able to flip the energy. I saw how everything connected. And because it all connects, I can't help but be thankful for all of it. The good and what some would call, "the bad".🙏🏾 I saw how everything reflected back to me. I saw the role I played in my own trauma. I saw the role I played in other people's trauma.🪞 I saw what life will be like if I stay the course. I saw what impact I will have if I stay the course. I saw the power behind my words when it comes to manifesting my dream life.💙🏁 I saw my next steps. I saw the protection around me. I saw the love around me. I saw the peace around me. I saw that I am enough.🧿💜🕉️💪🏾 With this new perspective I can ADJUST into my new reality respectfully, knowing I've earned my table. I've earned my crown. I've earned everything that's coming.👑 In my new reality I let go of depression, anxiety, bitterness, and fear. In my new reality I have people who aren't afraid to set boundaries respectfully and people who respect my boundaries.🤜🤛 In my new reality I don't give 2nd chances to people who aren't consistent.🙅🏾‍♀️ In my new reality I acknowledge codependency and will continue to heal it within myself, and when I need some support, I'll light my Da Fuq candle and go within. I'll write...I'll speak...I'll create.✍🏾🗣️🔮 In my new reality I see myself in ALL things and choose to acknowledge it without judgement. 🧿💜🦋Asé & Amen🦋💜🧿 #DaFuq #ShadowWork #Reflection

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