What I Leave On The Mat

This morning I had a conversation with my sister after she sent a link to a $400,000 home that is being built in a community that has been gentrified. I grew up on the east side of Kansas City, Mo. During the conversation, childhood memories of local gang activity based on the claiming of "23rd Street"

I began to reflect on how so many of us in our community have died behind claiming the ownership of the same streets that we are being pushed off of, so they can be renamed and homes made out of cheap ass materials be built on them. We are then made to think we are less than because we can't afford these $400,000 homes in the same area that we grew up in. The area we lost our loved ones in. The area that once gave us nostalgia. The area where we felt a sense of belonging.

Initially I was mad. I was angry at "the system". I was angry at the fact that the system took what we considered ours. It took the streets that we've died for/on. It took the streets we played in so freely with one another. It took our childhood.

Then as the conversation continued, my perspective started to change. I became upset with myself and my people for not being able to see what has happened. We weren't able to see it coming. The anger didn't last long though. It immediately switched to compassion when my thoughts got deeper. "We couldn't see the game because it wasn't meant for us to see."

I thought of it as the science experiment with the hamster running in the wheel thinking he's going somewhere, but he's really not. The system is the experiment. Capitalism is the wheel and we're the hamster running the same race thinking we're going somewhere.

We'll continue to run in place until we realize the role we play in the experiment. We have to realize the game cannot be played unless WE play it. Please understand we ARE the game! The wheel can't spin if we don't run.

So why not throw in the towel and create our own game?

After that flux of emotions I became present and calm as I reflected on today. While reflecting on the work Generation Z has put in, I became hopeful. I became grateful. Generation Z has the knowledge, strength, and courage to do things differently than the generations before them. We are waking up. We are throwing in the towel. We are taking back what's ours, which happens to be...OUR MINDS!

The emotions expressed in this post is what I take to and leave on my yoga mat. The mat is my sacred space. The mat holds space so I can stay present in the moment and anxiety free. The mat allows me to show up as I am with no judgement.

Do you have a mat? Do you have a sacred space? Who/what holds space for you? How do you stay present? Have you thought about throwing in the towel and creating your own game. If not, I leave you with some tweets that will hopefully provoke a change of thought.

Click the links and read through the comments. Comment and let me know what you think.

"Time to grab some friends and make a village"

"I just realized that the purpose of a credit score is to judge if your're reliable enough to payback loaned CASH."

"You're not alive just to work, pay bills, and lose weight"

Beyonce's Black Parade

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