ElemenTTs of C.A.R.E.

Yoga Pose


In a 1:1 setting we focus on the intention of your practice, your breath, stretching yourself, being comfortable with your individual abilities, and transmuting lower vibrational energy.

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Candles symbolizes light in the darkness of life, especially individual life, illumination; it is the symbol of holy illumination of the spirit of truth.


We've done the energy work for you. We guarantee the power behind its purpose. You don't have to do anything but light it. Light it as you read a book. Light it as you wash dishes. Light it as you meditate. Light it as you create. Light it as you get ready for your day. Light it as you get ready for bed.

As you light the candle it immediately begins to remove the negative energy that is around you. As the negative energy disappears, your energy field opens up for the candle's intentions to rush in.

We suggest keeping a journal with you for at least 7 days. Expect your thoughts and feelings to shift for your highest good. 

Reiki Treatment


Distance Reiki Sessions and Intuitive Consultations. 

*ElemenTTs of C.A.R.E. programs coming soon!

Polished Stones


Crystals heal holistically. This means they work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our being. They realign subtle energies and dissolve dis-ease, getting to the root cause. Crystals work through vibration, rebalancing the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and activating linkage points to the chakras that regulate the body's vibrational stasis. Allow the crystals in your package to speak and guide you intuitively.

Natural Herbs

Herbal Blends

Herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for medicinal, spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic purposes.



Incense can be burned during times of meditation, prayer, general reflection or to help cleanse and clear the air and make a space sacred.

Bath Salts

Bath Salts

We are going through a lot as a collective. Emotions are high and we understand at times it is hard for us to calm down. As a result we created a luxury bath salt blend. It'll immediately clear all of your energy fields.