"I speak Self-C.A.R.E. fluently"

Tracy L. Thompson

Hey Love,

I am Tracy Thompson, a Metaphysician, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Empath and Energy Reader. 

 Are you someone who takes care of other people, but tend to forget to take care of yourself? Do you often try to pour from an empty cup? Do you feel you don't have time to catch your breath? If so, I am here to support you as you breakup with the the thought patterns preventing you from showing up for yourself. 

I specialize in all things Self-Care (Reiki, spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, boundary setting, etc). My mission is to give you the support you need to get still mentally, so you can consistently Calm, Adjust, Relax and Elevate. As you Calm, Adjust, Relax and Elevate you begin to balance your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The more you Calm, Adjust, Relax and Elevate, the more you become one with your True Self, Christ Consciousness, God-Mind, Ancestors, The Most High, Orishas, or any Higher Power you call on. As you become one, your thought patterns change and as a result your transformation takes place. 

Helping people motivates me. Healing people motivates me.

Like many Black women, I have faced adversity. Like many Black women, I have collected a hodgepodge of self C.A.R.E. items and participated in haphazard self C.A.R.E. rituals.
I always felt if I had a guide on this self C.A.R.E. journey, maybe transformation would have come sooner and been more lasting.